Wordle, the word game has become very popular since its launch last year. Many people, 

including US Vice President Kamala Harris, play Wordle to test their mind and vocabulary. 

Wordle is a word-guessing game that gives users the option to pick out a new 5-letter word each day, 

and gives you color-coded prompts to figure out each day's Wordle answer. Wordle gets a new word every day at 12 midnight. 

Users only get six attempts to guess the word each day, but many times those six attempts 

The Wordle word of the day for Wordle 340 was VOUCH, and the Wordle 

word of the day for Wordle 339 was ALBUM on Tuesday, May 24, a blank book with inserts for photos, 

stamps, and more. Earlier the word of the day for May 23 was HINGE, and before that, 

the word of the day for Wordle 337 on May 22 was MONEY. The word of the day was scrapped 

on May 21 for Word 336. Earlier, the wordle for May 20 was 335 word gamer. 

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