FaZe Swagg responds to Warzone 2

FaZe Swagg did his best detective work to decipher and piece together what the new Warzone 2.

Industry insider Tom Henderson recently leaked the Warzone 2 map and multiple points of interest location names

Henderson’s map has not been confirmed so it is best to take everything rumored with a grain of salt. 

That being said, rumors of classic Modern Warfare 2 maps such as Quarry, Terminal, Afghan

CoD content creator FaZe Swagg has been playing CoD battle royales since Blackout on Black Ops 4 and based 

on the leaked image, he believes that the Warzone 2 map could be a “mix of Verdansk and Blackout put together.

In Swagg’s video on June 1, he discussed the POIs that stand out to him and what they could look

Swagg started by looking at the new POIs titled Modern City and Airport. 

The YouTuber predicts that Modern City will be similar to Downtown in Verdansk and he doesn’t mind it

FaZe Swagg responds to Warzone 2

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