Valorant Patch Notes 4.11

Valorant developers, Riot Games, provide updates and patches to their games 

at regular intervals. This regular maintenance allows the developers to improve 

the game and also provide new content for the players to try out. The latest update 

for Valorant is patch 4.11 and it provides certain Social Updates and Bug fixes for 

the Agents in the game. To learn all the changes in the latest update, check out 

the Valorant 4.11 Patch Notes below Clutch Mute - You now have the option to 

mass mute your teammates and/or party members so you can focus during clutch 

moments Go to Settings (Esc) > Controls > Communicatio Set keybinds for 

Party and Team Voice Clutch Mute Keys Press the keybind while in-game to Toggle

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