Three suspects in Cerritos robbed a Sephora makeup

"That's really disappointing that things like that keep happening in our area," said Cerritos resident Jill Katsuda. 

The most recent robbery was caught on camera and showed the suspects brazenly filling 

up their bags with makeup and skincare items straight from the shelves seemingly 

undeterred and unbothered by the workers and customers watching them.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the robbery happened on Saturday night 

at the Cerritos Mall but the store filed a police report on Monday after initially declining to do so. 

The manager of the Sephora store said the same three suspects, two men and one woman

Nearby residents are concerned that this rash of robberies will add safety concerns

the city is gonna be on the decline. And as a homeowner here I want the property values to maintain.

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