The Sims 4 just received a new update that adds customizable pronouns, the latest step by developer 

Maxis toward inclusivity so that more players can see themselves in their Sims.

In Create-A-Sim The Sims 4′s character creation tool, players can now choose from preset pronouns 

she/her, he/him or they/them — or input custom ones for their Sims. Given the intricacies of English grammar, 

that last option requires a bit of extra work. Players that create custom pronouns 

will have to input different forms, including subjective, objective, possessive dependent, 

possessive independent and reflexive. If that triggered some long-forgotten, 

school age conjugation lessons, don’t worry: The game includes example sentences for reference. 

It then automatically updates to use the correct pronouns where applicable.

These pronoun options are only available in English for now, but there are plans to expand the feature.

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