It seems like every other week Lego’s announcing a new vehicle in its stable of bricks, 

and the toy company’s long partnership with Ferrari has resulted in another Prancing Horse product added to the roster. 

Coming off the heels of the 512M Speed Champions set and the AF Corse 488 GT3 

Technic is another newer model that works better than you’d expect in Lego guise — the Daytona SP3.

Though there’s no questioning they’re thoughtfully crafted, Lego’s renditions of real-world cars are hit and miss. 

Typically, older vehicles, with their clear, defined lines and slab sides, fit the brick aesthetic better. 

Newer cars — especially swoopy ones, like the GR Supra, tend to fall wide of the mark. 

Of course, the more advanced and complex Technic kits, like this Daytona SP3, can get 

closer to the target as they don’t rely on bricks, but even then — the awkward gaps in the panels can lead

Lego’s 1:8-scale take on the Daytona SP3 looks the part though, and is instantly recognizable 

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