BTS members prepare to meet with US President Joe Biden at the White House to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes. 

Jungkook left for the United States yesterday and now photos of the rest of the members 

At the airport are going viral. Min Yeongi, also known as Suga, brought ARMYs to their knees with her long hair 

Her stylish airport outfit. Meanwhile, Kim Taehyung aka Vee and Park Jimin were setting friendship goals 

Meanwhile, Vee and Jimin, affectionately known as Veemin, were seen hugging each other 

As they entered the airport. BTS boy Cobbler was seen holding hands with Taehyung as they walked along with the other members.

Meanwhile, Jungkook just left for the US yesterday and during his appearance at the airport, 

ARMY noticed what appears to be a new tattoo on his wrist. Jungkook bowed to the paparazzi 

The airport and waved to them. He was also seen waving in some pictures. 

Some eagle-eyed fans zoomed in on photos of him waving at the cameras and noticed the singer got a new tattoo.

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