Street Fighter 6 Gameplay Revealed

This story was updated with new information about Street Fighter 6 provided by Capcom after the State of Play.

Capcom delivered our first look at Street Fighter 6's gameplay and more of its roster at PlayStation's June State of Play. 

The trailer showed off several iconic Street Fighter characters and teased what looks to be a new logo.

After the reveal Capcom confirmed the three new modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. 

Arcade Mode, Training Mode, local versus battles, and online matches will also return. 

Capcom said details about the roster and Battle Hub will be revealed at a later date. It did share,

however, that World Tour will be Street Fighter 6's single-player story mode that "pushes the boundaries

Street Fighter 6 will feature a new mechanic called the Drive System, which Capcom describes

a new gauge used to perform five distinct techniques to enhance a player’s offensive or defensive capabilities.

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