Sniper Elite returns with its fifth installment as veteran protagonist Karl Fairburne integrates himself deep within 

the French Resistance to 1944’s Nazi invasion. Beginning just prior to the events of D-Day, 

players will take up arms to work their way through several semi-open world missions 

as they collect Nazi intel regarding “Project Kraken” and take out high-ranking officers of the Reich. 

While Sniper Elite 5’s formula for story and gameplay will feel familiar, there are some 

The main campaign for Sniper Elite 5 features nine missions, however a 10th mission 

wherein players hunt down and kill Hitler himself is available as a pre-order bonus. Each mission can be completed in approximately 

an hour, but that run time is also largely dependent on the player's thoroughness and willingness to explore. 

Sniper Elite 5’s campaign missions are presented as semi-open world environments filled with multiple solutions for completing the

objective as well as adding side quests that can be activated. In one particular mission

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