Alongside the announcement of Ryzen 7000 processors, AMD revealed a new technology coming to the platform

Smart Access Storage. It aims to kill loading screens in games, and it’s built on Microsoft’s 

DirectStorage framework. We’re here to break down what Smart Access Storage is and how you can use it.

Smart Access Storage isn’t available yet, and AMD says it will share more news on the technology 

in the near future. We still have several hints following AMD’s Computex 2022 keynote, though, so let’s dig in.

AMD Smart Access Storage is a new Smart technology entering AMD’s lineup, 

alongside features like Smart Access Memory for graphics cards. We know very little about 

this technology right now, but AMD confirmed that it uses Microsoft DirectStorage to massively improve game loading times.

We’ve already seen DirectStorage at work in Forspoken, loading the game in less than 

one second with supported hardware. Smart Access Storage does not replace DirectStorage.

More about Smart Access Storage

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