My swordsman travels the world in search of adventure, battling monsters and helping those in need along the way. 

Multiple whimsical companions join in his quest, with the chubby and batlike Cluu acting 

As his right-hand monster. An entire world is succumbing to darkness, and it's up to us to save 

t=The day--even if I don't have to do much to make it happen. Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds is a meaty 

Mobile RPG with hours of content, but a lot of that time can be spent letting the game do its own thing.

When the game begins, you're dropped into a virtual reality game called Soul Divers--continuing 

the isekai-esque themes of Ni no Kuni as a whole (only without the time travel). 

You choose between five different classes: rogue, destroyer, witch, engineer, 

and the aforementioned swordsman. Each character can be customized with costumes 

And colors before given a name and sent into the adventure. From there 

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