Recent years have offered "Monster Hunter" fans an enormous amount of stellar content. 

Monster Hunter World released in 2018 before receiving the "Iceborne" expansion a year later

And Monster Hunter Rise launched in 2021 as the sixth mainline entry in the series. 

Much like the title before it Rise was such a success that it received a PC port, ensuring 

It wouldn't remain a Switch exclusive after all. It will receive its own expansion, "Sunbreak," at the end of June.

While fans eagerly wait to jump into the upcoming DLC, there's always the question of what will come next. 

As a franchise that regularly adds game changing features, it's exciting to consider what surprises await in future installments. 

While details on a what a fresh "Monster Hunter" title could contain are nothing more than speculation

An unfortunate cyberattack against Capcom might have given players an idea of when a new game could arrive.

As a result of the cyberattack, an enormous amount of alleged Capcom documents leaked to the public.

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