It's OK, Spider-Man, Things Change

In case you missed it, it was announced earlier today that Spider-Man, once a “permanent PS4 exclusive

would be coming to the PC in August. And its follow-up, Miles Morales, would be joining it not long after. Womp.

I’m not posting this to make fun of Insomniac, or their social team, or their lawyers.

 I’m sure back in 2017 that, between the industry landscape at the time and the nightmarish legal 

complexities involved in the rights to Spider-Man, the game sure would have seemed like

But times change! Back in 2017 anyone working so closely with Sony, at the height of their PS4 sales success, 

would never have imagined what the video game industry would look like five years into the future 

something you could argue is biting them in the ass in the present. What was then still a relatively 

straightforward console battle between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo has rapidly evolved into something

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