Solar 3.0 is here, and while certain classes seem to gain more advantages from it than others, 

the rework has significantly shaken up the meta. However, when you first load into the game, 

you won’t have access to all the Fragments or Grenades available. Depending 

on how much you leveled up specific classes, you might also be missing jumps, Supers, and other abilities.

Whether you’re a veteran or New Light, you will need to spend at least 75,000 Glimmer to unlock all the Fragments. 

Head to the Tower and make your way to Ikora Rey on the right-hand side of the zone (the left portion on the Director). 

Speak to her to open her vendor menu and select the “Grow your Solar Light powers” submenu.

If you see ability icons without checkmarks in Ikora’s menu, there are some abilities 

in that category you’ll need to purchase. Standard abilities like grenades, jumps, etc., cost 3,000 

Glimmer per, but any Fragments you’re missing are a whopping 25,000 Glimmer

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