While Rockstar drags its heels on GTA 6, Stephen Bliss, the illustrator behind Grand Theft Auto's iconic art style, 

Is back with an NFT project that promises more of his gritty character designs and a new video game. Welcome to Fear City.

What are NFTS? Non-fungible tokens are the way of registering digital files on a blockchain to create rarity. 

An NFT crash has led some to discuss what the future of this tech is, with many beginning to prioritise projects 

such as Fear City that have use. In my interview with Tina Ziegler, she discusses just this.

Over the last 20 years Bliss' art style has become synonymous with GTA, one of the most successful video games ever released. 

Fear City is the artist celebrating two decades of his art and New York, the city he loves. 

The vision for Bliss' NFT goes beyond his fantastic art, consisting of 9,999 unique avatars, 

and will include a dedicated soundtrack, an iconic streetwear fashion line and a planned video game.

Facets of Bliss' Fear City will live virtually on the blockchain and in the metaverse in a planned video game.

More about GTA 6? Not quite

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