Call it a wild guess, but the mutated-shark in the distorted mind behind the Sharnado 

franchise may be a new source of inspiration, just begging for slapstick-horror gasps. 

Unlike their bonkers smaller-screen counterparts, however, this one comes straight from a strange 

underwater scene—one swirling in acidic, superheated water—found deep beneath the actual ocean surface.

The geological event in the latest eruption of Kawachi, one of the most active submarine 

volcanoes in the Pacific, is back on researchers' radar, with the site's massive underwater plume 

seen more clearly than ever from above. The new imagery comes from a pair of orbiting 

satellites from NASA's Operational Land Imager Telescope, but what's particularly 

strange is the recent discovery of two types of sharks that live right inside the volcano's sulfur-saturated crater .

Known to researchers since the 1930s (and long before that to residents of the nearby Solomon Islands), 


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