Dislyte May 31 Update Detailed New mobile game DislyteNew mobile game

New mobile game Dislyte has already been a big hit with players, and is receiving its first update soon 

May 31 to be exact. Dislyte is a mobile RPG with a music-infused urban fantasy setting for players to explore. 

Here's everything you need to know about the brand new Dislyte update.

There are tons of new features coming to Dislyte in the update, here's everything to watch out for.

Four new support Espers are coming to Dislyte in this update, all with a new Egyptian mythology theme. 

Five star Esper Ollie leads the way, along with four star Espers Nicole, Laura, and Meredith.

A new skin has been confirmed for the Esper Mona, themed around the Greek moon goddess Artemis.

A brand new game mode will be coming to Dislyte with the addition of the Club Holobattle mode. 

This mode will allow in-game clubs to battle, setting up defensive team formations and attacking 

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