Diablo Immortal impressions A good smartphone game

The best thing about Diablo Immortal is that it's a fun, professionally crafted action RPG befitting the Diablo name. 

The new Activision Blizzard game, launching on iOS and Android on Wednesday and Windows PCs on Thursday,

immediately impresses as one of the better smartphone-first ARPG games on the market. 

And my 10 hours in its universe have allayed my previous fears about its production values.

The worst thing about Diablo Immortal is its economy. My pre-release testing of the final game

marked with menus and in-game characters alike selling me new types of "orbs," "stones," gold, 

and other confusing microtransactions. At best, the game can be enjoyed despite this nonsense.

But the bean counters at Activision Blizzard aren't willing to offer a one-time purchase in Diablo Immortal 

That's doubly tragic because the game is otherwise a fun, smartphone-friendly option for addictive

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