Whether you're one of the more than 17 million owners of PS5s that sold through 2021

 if you're banking on snagging one of the dwindling amounts of PS5s expected to sell in 2022, you'll likely have gone through 

some longing and suffering before finally getting your hands on the coveted next-generation game console.

Once you finally do have it, you'll automatically be treated to 5x the graphics power and 2x the memory of the PS4, 

As well as much more memory bandwidth and data throughput. But everyone gets that. 

Not everyone goes the extra mile to unlock the time-saving, storage-saving, 

spoiler-muting tips and other advantages of the PS5's lesser-known features. 

When you take a little time to scratch a bit under the surface and take control of these settings

Sub-menus, easy hardware mods, and other hidden features, you'll become a PS5 power 

user and enjoy the benefits for untold years before Sony even dares to think about a PS6.

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