The trailer for Destiny 2's new content season is out, revealing all sorts of information about 

what Guardians can expect to see in the game for Season 17. The trailer, embedded below, 

offers details about the themes of the new season, shows off some of the weapons and armor players can earn, 

reveals the location of the new dungeon launching this week, and provides a bunch of new story details.

Bungie originally announced it would release the trailer at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET on Tuesday, May 24, 

just two hours before the season actually launches for players. But that plan appears to have gone out 

the window after PlayStation Japan launched its version of the trailer Monday night on YouTube. 

With the Japanese language trailer out, there wasn't much reason to hold back the English language version, 

and so Bungie launched the trailer a little more than 14 hours earlier than it had said it would.

The trailer kicks off on the moon with location vendor Eris Morn and shows the Leviathan visible in the sky above the planet. 

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