Ephesians 5:18: “And do not be drunk with wine, for it is vain, but be filled with the Spirit.

Anyone who is in any hands of the church needs the Holy Spirit. You may be able to speak the Queen's 

English better than Queen Elizabeth II, I congratulate you, but the truth is that we have enough grammar

The Church does not require it. The Church needs the Holy Spirit. We must not forget what the Church needs. 

You cannot function effectively in any branch of the church without the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit empowers you to carry out the work of the ministry efficiently and effectively 

Without any stigma in the name of the Lord. In Exodus chapter 31, God commissioned 

Beasley, Ophelia, and other craftsmen to build the tabernacle, and filled them with the Holy Spirit. 

Therefore, if you are a choir, you must seek the Holy Spirit, so that you can sing guided by the Spirit.

Many years ago, I was a chorister and also a choir director. The choirs still have time for prayer and fasting. 

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