Apple Inc has warned some of its contract manufacturers that it wants to boost manufacturing 

outside of China as a result of Beijing’s strong anti-COVID efforts, according to the Wall Street Journal, 

citing people familiar with the situation. According to the article, India and Vietnam, 

both of which already produce Apple products, are being considered as alternatives to China. 

This move by Apple, the largest US company by market capitalization, will have an impact on other Western companies considering 

reducing their reliance on China for manufacturing or key materials in the wake of Beijing’s indirect support for 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and city-wide lockdowns to combat COVID-19.

According to analysts, over 90 per cent of Apple products including iPhones, iPads and MacBook laptops 

Are manufactured in China by outside contractors. Responding to Apple’s supply chain challenges in April, 

Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said, “Our supply chain is truly global, and so the products are made everywhere. 

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