I’m not going to do a “Would you kindly” joke. I’m not going to do it. I’m better than that. 

Besides, you don’t need to be brainwashed to know how good a deal it is to get all three 

Bioshock games on PC for absolutely nothing at all via the latest Epic Games Store giveaway.

Starting today, you can grab, download, and install Bioshock: The Collection on PC via the Epic Games Store. 

This bundle includes remastered and touched-up versions of Bioshock, Bioshock 2, 

and Bioshock: Infinite. The collection also comes with all of the single-player DLC packs 

and expansions released for the games, including the beloved Bioshock 2 DLC, Minerva’s Den.

As with past freebies from Epic, it’s yours forever once you create an account and redeem 

Don’t wait too long to pick up the Bioshock Collection for zero dollars and zero cents, as the deal expires on June 2. 

After that, Epic will move on to its next free giveaway. Last week it was Borderlands 3.

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