A revolution in telescopes is bringing deep space to those without deep pockets

Two years ago, a telescope appeared on the Kickstarter site that intrigued me. 

It was from the French company Vaonis. I had already seen their radical Stellina instrument 

the beautiful images it can produce, but the cost of that device ($4,000) was enough to put it in the “well

that would be nice, but ...” category. This smaller device, then still in the works, was called Vespera. 

It was like Stellina’s little brother. By sneaking in at the Super Early Bird price, I was able to get

I love astronomy, but I have a problem. If you’ve ever met me, you might have noticed I have the hands of Ben Grimm. 

That would be the character known as The Thing in Fantastic Four comic books except I do 

one more finger per hand than poor old Ben). Not only are my fingers way too big and blunt 

to handle anything with delicacy, as I’ve swung past 60, they’ve also become decidedly shaky.

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