1996 Elder Scrolls Game Re-Released

The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is important for any number of reasons,

 for its pioneering place in a series that would go on to include Morrowind. 

Oblivion and Skyrim to the fact it was a Game of the Year winner in its own right. 

The thing is, the game is a 3D adventure from 1996, and trying to play it in 2022 sucks.

Not through any fault of its own! For the 90s it was doing its thing. 

It’s just that early 3D games didn’t have the same universal smoothness 

and ease of movement that we associate more modern titles with, 

and so anyone who has been more familiar with the series’

 later games trying to play Daggerfall now would be in for a struggle, especially when it comes to combat.

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