TSMC Reportedly Planning a Second Fab in Japan

TSMC Announces 6nm Process Technology

TSMC (Taiwan Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Company) is reportedly planning to invest in a second chip factory in Japan. Following a report from the Japanese newspaper Nikkan Kogyo TSMC is planning to set up a second semiconductor manufacturing plant in the southwestern region of Kumamoto in Japan. In total it is reported TSMC will be investing about $7.4 Billion into this plant which will be focusing on the manufacturing of 5 and 10 nanometer chips.

At TSMC’s last quarterly earnings call CEO C. C. Wei Commented on the plans for the factory: “In Japan, we are building a speciality technology fab, which will utilize 12 and 16 nanometers, and 22/28 process technologies. Volume production is scheduled for late 2024. We are also considering building a second fab in Japan, as long as the demand from customers and the level of government support make sense“. So at the moment the second fab is only a plan and will only see fruition so long as the demand for chips requires it.

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