Travel Gadget Essentials Buying Guide


Packing for your next trip can be a hassle, and we all have that feeling of “have I forgotten something” and regardless of if you forget to turn your cooker off, leave your house keys in the door, and your passport on the shelf, I can at least help you remember the best bits of technology to take with you! It may seem obvious to some of you what you need to take, but honestly, I find having a list of stuff to pour over really can be a big help, even if it’s just to confirm you were on the right track.

So what do we really need to travel with? Data storage to carry your entertainment, back up your holiday photos, and take any important work files with you for a business trip is one of the most important things for me. Actually, it is for most people, but it’s often overlooked as storage can often seem like a boring subject. That is until you realise you need it and don’t have it, then it becomes something that occupies your mind quite a lot. Then there’s power, a humble power bank goes a long way, powering everything from your phone to your laptop, an especially potent tool on long journeys. Entertainment, such as a mobile device, gaming or music, which then spans into headphones, game controllers and more. If you’re anything like me, your suitcase has one bag for washing stuff, another just for tech bits.

So, let’s dive in for a quick guide as to what tech you should be taking with you on your next trip! Be that a work trip, a holiday, or just a few days away from home for whatever reason!

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