TikTok will transfer your sensitive data to China

The most contentious problem with handling user data is not addressed by TikTok’s new updated privacy policy. According to the Guardian, the hugely well liked short form video app announced that as of December 2, users’ data from the UK, Switzerland, and the European Economic Area will be accessible to staff members in several countries around the world, including China.

Elaine Fox, TikTok’s head of privacy in Europe, said in a statement yesterday that access is granted “based on a demonstrated need to do their job, subject to a series of robust security controls and approval protocols, and by way of methods that are recognized under the GDPR [the EU’s general data protection regulation]”.

Since regulators are concerned that TikTok and its parent company Bytedance might give the information to the Chinese government. Access to user data from China is still an ongoing issue. Despite the app‘s and its owner’s adamant efforts to allay this worry, regulatory agencies are still looking into it.

Tiktok: We will transfer user data to china


So, “TikTok strives to be open and clear about how we collect and process our users’ information. We’ll continue to work to earn and build trust with our community. With updates centred on transparency into our data practices. Tnd the investments we’re making in the people and technology to keep our community safe”.

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Also, for years now, TikTok has been subject of transferring the personal data of American and European users to China. Where its parent company ByteDance is located. Remember that these fears are legitimate. Since this company is a member of the Chinese Federation of Companies and the Internet. As specified in the statutes of this organization. Each member company must follow “the way of Xi Jinpin (the current president of China)”. While accepting to be under the control of “ the Chinese administration of cyberspace”. That is to say the Chinese institution in charge of web surveillance.

By the digits: TikTok is huge

  • 1 billion: active users worldwide
  • 136.5 million: TikTok users in US, its biggest market
  • 67%: Share of American teens who use the app daily
  • 99 minutes: average time US kids and teens spend on Tiktok daily
  • $6.3 billion: users spend in-app spending since its launch in 2017, according to Sensor Tower Company.
  • The average user opens TikTok 19 times per day
  • U.S. Influencer See an Engagement Rate of Nearly 18%
  • TikTok Earned an Estimated $1.9 Billion in Revenue in 2020
  • TikTok has 2 Billion installs in the Play Store and App Store.
  • TikTok is the Most Downloaded App on the Apple App Store
  • How Many Countries Is TikTok Available In? 155
  • Average Number of Viewed Videos on TikTok ? more than 1 milion video

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