The best YouTube Vanced alternative is launched

Because the YouTube Vanced project no longer exists due to legal issues, users began to search for alternatives. And in this post we offer you the best alternative app for the well-known Vanced Youtube application, we are talking about the recently launched ReVanced app.

What exactly is YouTube Vanced? It was a customized YouTube client with features like SponsorBlock, ad blocker, picture-in-picture support, background playback, an AMOLED dark theme, and many more. This post will show how to download the new ReVanced app that have the same features and you may use instead of Vanced.

Not long ago, Google pushed YouTube Vanced, a premium version of the YouTube app, to go down, threatening a lawsuit. Many people were relying on YouTube Vanced which is a great alternative to YouTube Premium. Certain aspects of the app were not in accordance with YouTube’s terms of service. As a result, YouTube Vanced was shut off. While this infuriated many people around the world, another team of developers seized command of the project and built a new app called ReVanced without any relation with the YouTube Vanced team.

ReVanced will be the replacement for the YouTube Vanced app

Youtube revanced vanced alternative

“ReVanced is an unofficial continuation of Vanced and unaffiliated with Vanced, aiming to deliver new features; as well as those already seen in Vanced. pplied patches: microg-patch, amoled, minimized-playback, old-quality-layout, disable-create-button, general-ads, video-ads, seekbar-tapping, background-play”.

Youtube revanced vanced alternative

Earlier, the root version of the app was accessible in their GitHub repository; however, if you do not want to root your device; the team now offers the first non-official version of the app for not rooted devices. In addition, the official version is coming soon.

Youtube revanced vanced alternative

ReVanced features currently consist of:

  • Minimized playback
  • Old quality layout
  • Disabling create button
  • General ads
  • Video ads
  • Tapping on seekbar for video navigation
  • Background play

Users all around the world now have hope thanks to this new YouTube premium alternative, since they no longer have to suffer to the limits of the original YouTube app. You can download this app by visiting their Telegram channel and grab the micro-g app from here, which is required for the app to work properly.

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