Test The New Predictive Back Gesture on Pixel

After the launch of Android 13, Google began working a new gesture feature of Android smartphones. This new Predictive Back gesture allows users to preview the destination or other results of a back gesture before you fully complete that gesture. It is a new feature that Google is working on. Which means, there will be testing on a number of devices before the final rollout. For now, you can preview this feature using the Phone app on Pixel smartphones.

Some Google Apps Already Support the Predictive Back Gesture Predictive Back Gesture

As of the 30th of December 2022, a number of Google apps already had support for the new predictive back gesture feature. Such apps include:

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  • Google Calculator
  • Google Calendar
  • Google News
  • Google Phone
  • Google TV
  • Settings

To enable this feature, you first need to have Android 13 running. You also need to enable Developer options. To enable Developer option, tap your settings app>About phone>Build Number. (Tap on the (Build Number 7 times to enable Developer mode). Once this is done, go back to the main Settings page. In the search bar, type “Predictive Back Animations” and toggle-on the button. Also make sure to update the Phone app. You can also join the Beta testing channel to have a first-hand feel of this new feature.

Anytime you use the back gesture to exit one of the main tabs such as Favorites, Recents, Contacts or Voicemail, the gesture will apply. The main app window will shrink down for you to have a glimpse of the home screen together with the back arrow.

This feature comes with a very nice window animation which also works on both sides of the screen. It works whether you slide from the left or right side of the screen.

How Useful is The Predictive Back Gesture for Google Apps and End User Predictive Back Gesture

This new predictive back gesture feature becomes handy when you accidentally close apps. It happens to almost every user once in a while. Google is bringing this feature to help avoid accidental closure of apps.

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