Intel Confirms Raptor Lake Laptops to Arrive Before the End of This Year!

Intel laptop

It’s not so much a case of being ‘well-known’ as rather a foregone conclusion that Intel was going to both launch and release its upcoming 13th-gen Raptor Lake desktop processors at some point around September/October this year. In terms of its laptop variants, however, many believed that this would likely happen in early 2023 as …

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Valve Confirms All Current Steam Deck Reservations Will be Fulfilled This Year!

The Steam Deck has so far proven to be an exceptionally popular console with consumers. And that’s hardly surprising given the overwhelmingly positive feedback it has received from both fans and critics. If there is one issue that has dogged the system since it started shipping earlier this year, however, then it has undoubtedly been …

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Huawei recruits “chip experts” for the second time this year

Huawei Future space saudi arabia

Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, is constantly improving its capacity in the technology space. The company is seizing any opportunity to improve its game in the tech industry. Identifying the lacuna in the Russian tech space, Huawei is currently on a hiring spree in Russia. The latest report on Huawei’s recruitment reveals that the company has …

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Netflix Expected to Introduce Password Sharing Charges Worldwide Next Year!

While it would clearly be hyperbole to say that Netflix is in full-blown panic mode at the moment, it’s hard to deny that, on the whole, things do definitely seem to be in a downward trend. A factor clearly highlighted only earlier this week when the video streaming platform confirmed that Q2 2022 saw nearly …

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Amazon Prime Day sale disappoint shoppers: Discounts are lower than last year


According to reports, consumers ready to buy “bargains” may find that Amazon’s Prime Day promotion this year is not impressive. This “poor” discount is obtainable across sellers. The reason is that there is an increasing cost of goods generally. Thus, many sellers are trying to minimize discounts. This year’s Amazon Prime Day sale kicks off on Tuesday …

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First Bluetooth LE Audio-compatible devices to hit the market this year

Bluetooth LE

The Bluetooth LE Audio specification was announced in early 2020. Sequel to the announcement, there were reports that compatible devices would arrive before the end of the year. However, the Bluetooth SIG organization’s hopes did not materialize. The main reason for this is due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Brands had to postpone the …

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Nintendo Switch Pro rumoured to come back later this year

Nintendo Switch Pro

Due to the backward performance of the current Switch handheld console, the rumours about the Switch Pro or Switch 2 have not been broken. However, Nintendo officials have been slow to launch a new version. According to Twitter tipster Pixelpar, the new Nintendo Switch Pro models may be official before the end of the year. He …

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Infinix 180W Thunder Charge will come in a flagship later this year

Recently, Infinix teased its Infinix 180W Thunder Charge system. The company didn’t take long to actually unveil this technology and has now officially announced it. The Infinix 180W Thunder Charge system will make its way to a flagship smartphone later this year. The tech won’t be just a teaser like the 160W charging from last …

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ASUS & Gigabyte Expect Motherboard Sales to Drop 25% This Year

During the darkest times during the (hopefully now past) graphics card shortage, many manufacturers looked to find ways to soften the blow of the individual cost of a GPU. Many choose to go down the ‘bundle’ road offering motherboards and graphics cards together at a set price. – Not a bad idea at the time …

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