TCL’s 47″ mini-LED screen is the world’s largest automotive display

TCL CSOT, a company that specializes in TV screens, has unveiled its first automotive display at the Society for Information Display event in Los Angeles. The display is a massive 47 inches, making it the largest automotive display on the market. While Mercedes-Benz offers a 56-inch display in its EQS and EQE models, this is …

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MINISFORUM Launches World’s First Ryzen 7040 Powered Mini PC

Minisforumvenus7040feature 1

MINISFORUM has today announced their new Venus UM790Pro and UM780Pro mini-pcs powered by the latest Ryzen 7040HS series chips. MINISFORUM UM790 & 780Pro These new mini PCs are the first to be based upon the AMD Ryzen 7040HS Phoenix series chips with the UM790Pro and UM780Pro being powered by the Ryzen 9 7940HS and The …

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Swedish Researchers Create World’s First Wood Transistor With Speeds of 1Hz


A team of Swedish researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm have made a breakthrough in transistor technology by creating the world’s first wooden electrochemical transistor. Worlds First Wooden Transistor The research paper titled Electrical current modulation in wood electrochemical transistors, shared by Tomshardware has shown of the creation of the first wooden …

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Bigscreen Beyond The World’s Smallest VR Headset

Bigscreen, behind the VR app of the same name, today unveiled Bigscreen Beyond, the world’s smallest VR headset. Weighing just 127 grams and measuring less than 1 inch at its thinnest point, Beyond has an unprecedented form factor that is 6X lighter than competing VR devices. Beyond features ultra-high resolution OLED displays, custom pancake optics, …

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Realme GT Neo 5, The World’s Fastest Charging Phone Coming

Realme GT Neo 5

Earlier this year, Realme launched a flagship phone, GT Neo 3. Many customers welcomed it due to its outstanding performance and relatively low price. A follow-up model is on the road. What’s more interesting, the higher-end version of the Realme GT Neo 5 series will become the world’s fastest charging smartphone. Realme GT Neo 5 …

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Top 10 companies that are KILLING the world’s climate – U.S. companies occupy 6 slots

Climate change is an issue that the world is trying to deal with. However, until governments of the world become honest, climate change will remain an issue. There is no government as vocal about climate change as the U.S. However, how honest is the American government? The U.S. government wants Asia and Africa to focus …

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Elgato Launch its New Facecam Pro – The World’s First 4K/60FPS Webcam

Elgato Facecam Pro

Elgato has formally announced the launch of its new Facecam Pro, the first-ever webcam to sport 4K capture at 60 frames per second. Boasting a large area Sony sensor, a wide-angle photographic lens with variable focus, a revolutionary image processor, and onboard flash memory, the premium plug-and-play webcam allows creators to produce Ultra High Definition …

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Hackers Broke Into System Of The World’s Largest Password Manager

Password managers should help us keep our passwords safe. Thus, they should not allow others to access their users’ data. But what if the password managers we trust are hacked? Recently, something identical happened with LastPass. It’s a freemium password manager with over 33 million users worldwide. People who use this service store their passwords …

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Corsair Unveil the Xeneon Flex – The World’s First Bendable Monitor!

2 55

CORSAIR has announced the launch of its new and truly revolutionary XENEON FLEX 45WQHD240 OLED Gaming Monitor. A flagship bendable gaming monitor created in close partnership with LG Display. Boasting the latest in W-OLED technology, the XENEON FLEX OLED offers phenomenal image quality, excellent black levels and response times, with the ability for enthusiasts to …

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