TikTok and WeChat algorithms were revealed to local authorities- Gizchina.com

TikTok Music

In China, an extraordinary event took place – local IT giants, from Tencent Holdings which onws WeChat to ByteDance which owns TikTok, for the first time provided the authorities with information about the algorithms on which their systems operate. Experts do not rule out that such measures are theoretically capable of compromising highly guarded corporate …

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US TikTok “Kia Challenge” exposes some Hyundai and Kia models – can be stolen with just a USB cable

You may have seen some action or gangster movies where boosting a car is as easy as it gets. Back in the day, the basic way of stealing a car is by unplugging two wires under the steering wheel. Once the two wires come out, you just need to put them together and off you …

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TikTok & BGMI Bans In India To Be Lifted Soon, Claim Sources

It looks like TikTok will be heading back to India soon. Also, BGMI could make its much-awaited comeback in the country. ByteDance recently filed a trademark for TikTok Music. For those who are unaware, ByteDance is TikTok’s parent company. Now, it will be interesting to see if TikTok Music gives Spotify and Apple Music a …

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TikTok Rolls Out The Famous Referral Rewards Program In Malaysia

TikTok Referral Rewards rolls out in Malaysia

TikTok has introduced a referral rewards program in Malaysia, giving users a chance to earn cold hard cash by inviting others to use the app. Interestingly, the rewards program was rolled out in several countries a few years ago. However, the short-form video app has finally arrived in Malaysia. On the downside, only a few …

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TikTok owner spends record $2.14 million lobbying

The Chinese company ByteDance, which owns the TikTok short video service, spent a record $2.14 million on lobbying in the US in the second quarter, as the company is desperately trying to fend off attacks from US lawmakers concerned about the privacy and security of local users on the platform. Compared to the first quarter, …

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TikTok owner prepares to start developing its own chips


Chinese ByteDance, which owns the popular social network TikTok, is exploring the possibility of independently developing processors for its own needs. This decision is due to the fact that the company cannot find suppliers whose products would meet its requirements for chips. We assume that ByteDance chips will perform tasks related to various business interests …

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TikTok security chief to step down over US user data scandal

TikTok’s director of security, Roland Cloutier, will leave his post and continue to work for the company as a strategic advisor. The decision took place in connection with US claims against the service: as the company itself recently admitted, employees from other countries had access to the personal data of US users, while this required …

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TikTok will ban certain content for young users under 18

After many controversies and several dramas caused by dangerous challenges; TikTok is trying to strengthen the protection of minors on its platform. The social network gave details on Content Levels, a system that prevents the young users from accessing adult content. As you may know, TikTok has been trying to restore its image for the …

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TikTok to suspend controversial ‘personalized’ advertising in Europe


Popular Chinese short video platform, TikTok has been at the hub of a couple of controversies in the industry. However, the company does its best to hold on to its own. According to reports, TikTok has finally agreed to suspend an update initially scheduled for tomorrow. The company will suspend the ‘personalized’ advertising in Europe …

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TikTok Sued After ‘Blackout Challenge’ Reportedly Claims 7th Death!

It seems that every now and then a brand new (and mostly ridiculous) trend appears on social media platforms. You may, of course, remember a somewhat stupid one relatively recently that got people filming themselves eating a washing machine soap gel pack. Over the last couple of years, however, a new and frankly even more …

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