Pixel Watch 2 key specifications leaked, a more powerful chipset expected

Pixel Watch

Google’s Pixel Watch 2 is set to receive a significant battery life improvement. This is thanks to its transition from Samsung’s Exynos chipset to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon. With the latest rumors and leaks, we’ll dive deep into the major upgrades coming to the Pixel Watch 2. We’ll have a look at its processor, battery, and health …

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Google Has Lost a Million Dollar Lawsuit over Deceptive Pixel 4 ADs

Google Confirms Arrival of Pixel 4 via Android Open Source Project

Google has agreed to pay up millions over deceptive Pixel 4 advertising. Google Pays Millions Over Pixel 4 Advertising Announced on Friday by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Google has agreed to pay an $8 million settlement over the deceptive advertising of the Pixel 4 smartphone. The claim of deceptive advertising involves Google hiring radio …

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Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 phones face battery drain and overheating

Pixel 7 users have been reporting issues with battery drain and overheating on various online forums. Despite Google’s reputation for producing quality phones with top-notch cameras, battery life has never been their strongest feature. However, a recent update has seemingly exacerbated the power draw, leading to a negative impact on battery life. Additionally, some users …

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Google Pixel Tablet Is The Clear Winner Against the Apple iPads For Some Obvious Reasons

Before the Google Pixel Tablet launched, Apple iPads were the way to go if you had the budget. To be exact, relatively modern iPads were better than the latest and greatest Android tablets that came with beefed-up specs. But after the Google I/O 2023 event, Apple is in big trouble. In case you missed it, …

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Google Pixel 7a and charger

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Buy the new Google Pixel 7a and claim a set of A-Series Buds on us, Buy before 22.05.23 23.59 BST. While stocks last. T&Cs apply The Google Tensor G2 chip makes it faster, more efficient and more secure – with improved audio on phone calls, great battery life, and amazing photo and video quality Pixel …

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