Intel may have the solution to Nvidia’s melting GPUs

The 12VHPWR connector found in Nvidia’s best graphics cards has had its fair share of issues. After dozens of cases of the connector melting during regular usage, the most common cause may have been found, but a permanent solution to the problem has been elusive. Up until now, that is. Surprisingly, the possible fix comes …

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Nvidia’s New Rumoured Titan (or 4090 Ti) Appears to Be Heading to AIB Partners!

Will Nvidia release a brand new TITAN graphics card? – It’s been a pretty hot topic of speculation over the last few weeks with information appearing online only last week teasing a monumentally potent 48GB model potentially set for an announcement in the (somewhat) near future. Admittedly though, while talk of TITAN is clearly exciting, …

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Images of Nvidia’s Rumoured RTX 4090Ti (or TITAN?) Have Leaked Online!

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Over the last few months there have been incredibly heavy rumours surrounding the development of either an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Ti, or perhaps more interestingly, a brand new 40XX-based TITAN graphics card. – Until something is officially confirmed, such rumours should, of course, always be taken with a grain of salt. We are, however, …

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Nvidia’s Eye Contact Effect Changes the Game for Video Creators

Nvidia Broadcast App

Videoconferencing, podcasts, and webinars surged in popularity during the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 as remote work became part of the new normal. With the pandemic now in the rearview mirror, video communications techniques have shown no sign of slowing down. What’s been amusing to me is that despite the pervasiveness of video communications, …

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Alphacool Launch New Water Blocks for AMD’s 7900 Series and Nvidia’s 4080

Alphacool has announced the launch of new and innovative solutions for active water cooling of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4080 as well as AMD Radeon RX 7900XT and 7900 XTX graphics cards with their Eisblock Aurora water block coolers. Alphacool Water Blocks for AMD 7900 and Nvidia’s 4080 In order to dissipate the enormous waste heat …

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Nvidia’s RTX 4080 is up to 45% slower than the RTX 4090

Nvidia’s upcoming GeForce RTX 4080 16GB is almost here, and some of its first benchmarks have just been leaked. That’s not the only interesting piece of information that was unearthed today, though. The GPU has also been popping up at various retailers, and some of Nvidia’s board partners are pricing their versions quite high. Is …

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