300Gbps Speed: China Tests Ultra-fast Wireless Internet

300Gbps 6G internet

China has tested ultra-fast wireless internet with download speeds of up to 300Gbps. This is more than 10 times faster than the current 5G standard. The 25th Institute of the Second Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry conducted the test. The technology uses terahertz (THz) frequencies, which are higher than those used by current …

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Majority Launches Bard and Quadriga Internet Music Systems

majoritybardquadriga 1

MAJORITY has announced the launch of two impressive internet music system options, The Bard and Quadriga. MAJORITY Bard Internet Radio Music System The Majority Bard provides music lovers with various different methods to listen to their favourite music from DAB and FM radio as well as thousands of stations through internet radio mode. The Bard …

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Google Earth updates cool Timelapse feature with new imagery

Las Vegas, Nevada – Earth Timelapse Google Earth has been gathering imagery from satellites for 15 years, offering anyone with an internet connection stunning views of our planet from any altitude. The tool, which launched in 2001, is packed with features, including one called Timelapse, which lets you see how a particular location has changed …

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You can now try out Google’s Bard, the rival to ChatGPT

Google has just announced the launch of its conversational AI, Bard. Bard is Google’s response to the ever-popular ChatGPT, now in use by Microsoft in its own products. The tech giant rushed to release Bard, and it is now ready for testing. Google is inviting users to test the AI, but as it notes, it …

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Internet Tips To Protect Your Identity Online

man using the internet on laptop at home

Digital crooks — whom cybersecurity experts and law enforcement officials politely call bad actors — use elements of modern-day cyber communications to track your online activities. These elements are hiding in plain sight, but they are easy to reveal once you know where to find them. You can toss around false clues to hide your …

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‘Father of Internet’ Cautions Investors About AI Chatbots

ChatGPT by OpenAI displayed on a smartphone

Vint Cerf, known as the father of the internet, raised a few eyebrows Monday when he urged investors to be cautious when investing in businesses built around conversational chatbots. The bots still make too many mistakes, asserted Cerf, who is a vice president at Google, which has an AI chatbot called Bard in development. When …

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Internet Explorer Takes Another Step Closer to Death!

Internet explorer microsoft

Internet Explorer has been experiencing its death rattle for more than a few years now. And death rattle is an appropriate term as while it has been on the verge of dying for years Microsoft has always seemed a little reluctant to finally pull the plug on its once near-total market dominant browser. Following a …

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SpaceX restricts Ukraine from weaponizing Starlink internet

SpaceX has taken action to restrict the Ukrainian army from using its Starlink internet service to control weapon-laden drones on the battlefield. Soon after Russia began destroying Ukraine’s critical infrastructure following its invasion last year, SpaceX started shipping numerous Starlink dishes — linked to SpaceX satellites in low-Earth orbit — to help the Ukrainian government, …

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UK Introduces Law Making Gigabit Internet Access Mandatory for New Houses!

The UK government currently has rather lofty goals in terms of high-speed internet access. Put simply, by 2025 (at least under current plans) 85% of UK households should have access to Gigabit broadband. What exactly is Gigabyte though? Well, officially speaking, it should be representative of a download connection of 1,000 megabits or over. In …

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