Nubia Z50 Ultra With The Strongest Chip Spotted In GeekBench

Nubia Z50 Ultra's appearance

Nubia is one of those first-tier brands from China that designs great products and pioneers new technologies but doesn’t make it to the top. There are many reasons for this. But this is not the time to discuss them. Instead, we want to draw your attention to a new smartphone that will hit the shops …

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Apple feels the heat – significantly reduces its advanced chip order with TSMC


Apple is one of the major brands that hold onto TSMC’s manufacturing capacity. The American brand is so important to TSMC that it even gets some preferential treatment. Due to chip shortages and other issues in the chip industry, many brands, even top brands cut down their chip orders. However, initial reports claim that these …

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The Pre-CES Wave of PC and Chip Vendor Competition: Analysis

Setting up CES 2023 arch logo

Often, much of the interesting drama at CES happens off the floor by firms that aren’t directly participating in the show. That was true again this year when Lenovo and Nvidia stood out from their peers by aggressively moving in a variety of directions and showcasing a depth of products that were largely unmatched in …

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A promising 3nm chip for 2024

Most of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chips should be produced by TSMC using its brand-new, highly promising 3 nanometer technology. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for smartphones is anticipated to debut in 2023. Even in Europe, the high-end chip introduced in December will find a prominent place among Samsung’s flagships. It’s clear …

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the 3nm Apple A17 chip will focus on power efficiency

For the A17 chips in the iPhone 15, Apple will convert to a 3 nm production process, which is far more energy efficient and should enable mobile devices to have greater autonomy. According to Bloomberg, the next generation of Apple A17 processors will be produced in 3 nm using an engraving method developed by the …

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Samsung Galaxy S22 FE is coming soon with an Exynos 2300 chip

With the debut of the Galaxy S22 FE, which will be the successor to the unpopular Galaxy S21 FE released at the beginning of 2022, Samsung may soon bring back the Fan Edition series. Everything suggested that Samsung had finally chosen to discontinue this series of smartphones after a Galaxy S21 FE that arrived far …

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TSMC 3nm Chip Production For Apple Begins

Taiwan semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is the world’s largest chip maker. It is the largest company in the world when it comes to producing semiconductor chips for companies like Apple. It happens to be the main company behind Apple’s M chips and the Bionic chips we see in iPhones. TSMC is also the production house …

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Qualcomm chip is finally better

snapdragon 8 gen 2 vs Apple A16

The first smartphone using Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 to reach Chinese retailers is the Vivo X90 Pro+. Since then, the number of benchmarks on the Internet has increased. One of the most intriguing focuses is the platform’s gaming capabilities, namely its strength and stability. The results show that the Qualcomm processor is far superior to …

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