Opera Releases Early Access Version of Its New Opera One Browser


Opera has released the first early access version of its new completely redesigned browser, Opera One. Opera One Taking a page out of Microsoft’s book on naming products is Opera One, a new completely redesigned browser designed to feature a cleaner look as well as plenty of open space for future AI features. Opera One …

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TOR Browser Has Been Hit By Consistent DDOS Attacks For The Last 7 Months!

TOR (The Onion Ring) is undoubtedly a highly popular browser option among the more, shall we say, enthusiast-level of online users. Distributing your data connection via a number of volunteer proxies, the overall key concept of TOR is to provide a near-total level of anonymity within your online browsing. Yes, VPN services are certainly both …

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Microsoft Introduces New AI-Powered Bing Engine, Edge Browser

Yusuf Mehdi at Microsoft's announcement of new Bing and Edge powered by artificial intellignce

Microsoft may have ushered in a paradigm shift Tuesday with the release of new versions of its search engine, Bing, and web browser, Edge — both now powered by artificial intelligence. The new offerings, available in preview at Bing.com, combine browsing and chat into a unified experience that improves both tasks. When searching, for example, …

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Google new browser for iOS can break its rules

Google Chrome

Chrome is well known as Google’s browser for many different operating systems. Apart from being a browser, its Chromium Engine powers the majority of web browsers nowadays, even Microsoft’s Edge. Apparently, the company is working on an alternative browser for the future. As per a report, Google’s Chromium developers are now working on an experimental …

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Microsoft set to end support for Win 7 / 8 / 8.1 Edge browser – Authenticator will also stop supporting Apple Watch

Earlier this week, Microsoft released the Edge Dev 110 browser. The change log makes it clear that Microsoft Edge 110 will be the first version to drop support for Win 7, 8, and 8.1. Now, Microsoft has officially announced through a blog post that it will end support for the Edge browser on versions prior …

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Built-in TikTok app browser caught adding tracking code to pages

The browser built into the TikTok app has a tracking code that it adds to every page you view. This code allows you to track character input on the virtual keyboard. And send the results of your work to the service resources. The problem was the discovery by independent cybersecurity researcher Felix Krause, who previously …

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Google fixes a zero-day vulnerability in Chrome browser


Google has released Chrome 103.0.5060.114 for devices running Windows. The update fixes a dangerous zero-day vulnerability that is in use by hackers in practice. For the fourth time this year, Google has released a patch to address a zero-day vulnerability in Chrome. Google has confirmed that developers are aware of the existence of an exploit …

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