Survey Finds Nearly 80% of Internet Users Freely Admit That They Take Security Risks

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While the internet can be a truly remarkable and fun place, sadly, for most of us at least, our innocence has been mostly shattered by the reality that it’s also equally (if not more so) filled with people and programs dedicated to either stealing our money or personal data.

With this in mind though, do you think that you take unnecessary risks when it comes to your online security? – Well, if you said yes, don’t worry as following a report via BetaNews, a recent survey of US internet users has found that nearly 80% of users are willing to admit that their online behaviour/activity could potentially place them at risk of viruses or malware. A risk, however, they seem willing to take in most instances.

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80% of Internet Users Admit They Take Online Risks!

The study placed questions to 1,000 internet users in America and while the results are perhaps shocking on the surface, it is possibly somewhat refreshing that people do seem acutely aware that it doesn’t really take much to potentially compromise your data or system.

One of the most interesting results is that as many as 78% of those questioned admit to risky behaviour online. Representing a 14% increase on the same survey conducted two years ago, it seems that most of the answers seem to fall within the same categories. Namely, not updating their system/software, password sharing, and downloading files without categorical knowledge of the source and/or their contents. And I’ll concede, I’m guilty of that last one on a pretty regular basis.

As above though, it is, if nothing else, nice to see that people do seem to be more aware of the risks. With that being said though, it still seems that we’re all mostly still willing to keep making them!

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