SEGA Teases ‘Super Game’ to Investors Claiming it Could Generate Over $670M

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While SEGA was once one of the biggest names in home gaming, today, their business platform is, at least in terms of general consumer perception, very different indeed. You see, rather than actually making in-house titles anymore, they now generally tend to prefer to act merely as a publisher (and with a fair amount of success too).

For more than a few years, however, rumours have been swirling around suggesting that SEGA hasn’t just been working on something big in the gaming world, but something potentially huge. And following a report via NintendoLife, at their recent Q3 investors call SEGA has gone on to say that this title (dubbed as a ‘SUPER GAME’) is anticipating a revenue generation of over $670M.


We should note that while this isn’t the first instance of ‘SUPER GAME’ being mentioned out in the wild (it was first leaked a couple of years ago), this is, to my knowledge, the first time that SEGA has publically made reference to it. – What is it though? – Well, here we hit a pretty huge mystery as SEGA hasn’t said anything yet beyond the fact that it’s a ‘SUPER GAME’, it’s in development, and following this Q3 report it isn’t estimated to be released until some point in 2026.

Given that they anticipate it will generate over $670M in revenue for that year, however, whatever it is, they clearly seem to think it’s going to be a literal game-changer. – Compared to what we have now though, maybe a Fortnite clone, maybe an MMORPG.

Whatever it is though, it’ll be interesting to find out!

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