PS5 Slim May Be Coming Much Sooner Than Expected!


It’s clearly a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ in regard to revised designs of the PS5 console. They will happen, and, if history has taught us anything, that means that at some point over the next few years we can expect to see both a PS5 Slim and a PS5 Pro release.

While there is still no news on the latter, however, a lot of leaks have been suggesting that the former might’ve been planned for launch at some point next year. – And even more shockingly, rather than a separate release, the PS5 Slim may have been set to completely replace the original (current) design thanks to a new innovation in the design allowing the disc drive to be sold separately as, effectively, an optional attachment.

Will this actually happen though? – Well, following a report via MSN, information has appeared online suggesting that testing of the detachable disc drive has gone so flawlessly that the PS5 Slim might be landing on shelves before the end of 2023!

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PS5 Slim For 2023?

According to the source, kits of the newly revised PS5 console are in tester’s hands and the feedback so far has been highly positive. Not just for the notably smaller size of the system (which, let’s face it, the original model is huge) but more so in the fact that the detachable disk drive has been functioning absolutely perfectly. – In other words, the design that Sony’s using now appears so good that no tweaks or fixes are needed meaning that a retail release looks likely to happen in the very near future.

The proposed system does, as well, also come with a number of advantages for Sony. It’s less expensive to produce. It’s smaller meaning much better value for money in terms of logistics (the number you can fit inside a storage container). And this detachable disc drive design will allow Sony to have and manufacture just one singular base system. Do you want a disc drive? Well, you can get it separately.

Overall, in terms of revisions, this is an incredibly smart design, and, as such, it does make perfect sense that rather than representing a PS5 Slim alternative, Sony will simply use this as a total replacement for the original design.

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