PS Plus Redesign Still Sees Sony Lose 2 Million Subscribers!

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With Sony launching a new revitalised version of its PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) service earlier this year (offering new subscription tiers effecting taking note from the success and popularity of Xbox Game Pass), the most logical conclusion to draw was that if this wasn’t enough to gain new subscribers, it would, at the very least, likely be enough to stop people from leaving the platform!

Following a report via Polygon, however, as part of their Q3 financial call, Sony has confirmed that nearly 2 million subscribers have left (unsubscribed) from the PS Plus service in just the last 12 months.

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New PS Plus Fails to Keep Sony’s Subscribers!

As part of the results, Sony confirmed that as of September 2021, they had 47.2 million subscribers. Even despite the PS Plus redesign earlier this year, however, this has still seen them lose around 1.8 million users taking their current count to 45.4. – Perhaps surprisingly though, despite losing so many people from its service in just 12 months, its overall PS Plus revenue has increased by 10% due to the new higher tier memberships which, for a reasonably nominal additional cost, gives you access to a fairly decent library of gaming titles.

Any way you look at it though, downward trends are never good and Sony will clearly be looking at new ways to make its PS Plus service more appealing to its masses!

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