Prepare your wallet! The foldable iPad will cost a fortune

The rumors about a foldable iPad have been cycling through the mill for years now. While we did not see much evidence of a foldable iPad, we know it is just a matter of time until it comes. Most smartphone makers already have foldable phones in the market. Samsung currently stands as one of the most relevant brands in the foldable segment. Apple certainly doesn’t want to stay behind for much longer and prepares an excellent entrance for its first foldable product. According to a new report, you must be prepared as the device won’t be cheap.

iPad mini is here to stay, the Foldable iPad will cost a lot

Recent reports suggested that the arrival of the foldable iPad also means the demise of the iPad mini. It’s common for Apple to discontinue certain products to focus on new ones. However, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo disagrees with the reports pointing to the end of the iPad mini. According to him, there is no reason to discontinue the device. He explains that the foldable iPad will get a “markedly higher price” than the mini. Worth noting that the iPad mini (2021) went through another price hike recently.

Kuo states that Apple is already developing a new iPad mini. This one will bring a faster chipset, it could be the Apple A16 Bionic, as the 2021 model packs the Apple A15. As per the rumors, Apple will introduce it in late 2023 or in early 2024. By that time, we’ll rule out the possibility of an iPad mini with Apple A17. Apple will likely keep it behind the other iPads. The company is moving the manufacturing to India, in order to reduce the constraints caused by the COVID-19 outbreak in China. In fact, Apple is working hard to reduce its dependence on Chinese factories. The issues have been affecting the company’s entire portfolio of products.

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Foldable iPhone
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Going back to the foldable iPad, you probably recall when it was called the “foldable iPhone”. The fact that there are many foldable phones in the industry, and for that reason, everyone has been assuming that Apple will launch a foldable iPhone first. However, this does not seems to be the case. A few months ago, most analysts started to consider a foldable iPad over a foldable iPhone. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense. After all, devices like the Galaxy Z Fold4 or the Mix Fold offer a tablet-like experience when unfolding. Apple probably wants to offer a tablet that can be easily converted into a phone-like product. When unfolded, you can get everything that an iPad offers, but once you fold it, you can fit it in any pocket.

Analysts point to 2024 as the launch year for the foldable iPad. We don’t know exactly how big the new foldable tablet will be, but analysts expect it to be massive. The fact is that Apple is working with Samsung and LG to develop foldable OLED screens as large as 20.25 inches. Maybe, we’re not going to see a foldable iPad that becomes compact, instead, we may see a foldable iPad that gets bigger when unfolded.

We expect the leaks about this product to start to appear in the next year.

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