PowerColor 7900 XTX HellHound Review

PowerColor 7900 XTX HellHound Review

AMD’s new RDNA 3 GPUs are here and if you already checked out our launch day coverage, then you’ll know that I praised the 7900 XTX very highly as it offered up extreme levels of performance for cheaper than the competition. While we took a look at the AMD reference model, today sees the turn of AIB cards and we’re kicking things off with the PowerColor 7900 XTX HellHound.

This review may seem a little shorter, but keep in mind, we already discussed various technologies and features in the main launch day review, which you can read here. Or, if you prefer to watch it, check out the video below. If you’ve already done that, or you just want to find out about the Hellhound, then, by all means, skip ahead to the second video below or move onto the next page if you want to read it.


If you want to see our full video going through this, you can do so below.

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