NVIDIA Releases Game-Ready Drivers 531.18 With new RTX Video Super Resolution

NVIDIA GeForce 430.39 Drivers Are Causing High CPU Load Issues

Nvidia’s latest game-ready drivers version 531.18 are now available to download and add DLSS 3 support for Atomic Heart, New RTX Video Super-Resolution and Game ready support for THE FINALS Closed Beta.

RTX Video Super Resolution Now Available

The big news with this new driver update is the introduction of RTX Video Super Resolution which uses AI and RTX Tensor Cores to improve the quality of video watched in a Chrome or Edge browser by removing blocky compression artefacts and upscaling video resolution. This improves video sharpness and clarity and lets people watch online content – whether from Twitch, YouTube, Netflix or Hulu – in its native resolution on high-resolution displays up to 4K.

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VSR is enabled within the NVIDIA control panel under “adjust video settings” and allows users to specify quality levels between 1 and 4. Higher quality levels obviously require more GPU resources and NVIDIA has stated that all 30 and 40 series RTX cards are able to handle quality level 1 comfortably though no mention of how 20 series cards perform or if they are compatible with this tool.

DLSS 3 Introduced to Atomic Heart

DLSS 3 has been added to Mundfish’s Atomic Heart, a game released recently that pits you up against an army of robots that have gone rogue against their creators and plunged a once utopia into chaos, and only you can save Atomic Heart’s idealized world.

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New Games Supported By GeForce Experience’s Optimal Settings

GeForce experience features a tool that allows you to optimise your games with just one click, how reliable it is at doing so is debatable but for those who do use it, more games have been given support for this tool.

  • Atomic Heart
  • Company of Heroes 3
  • Hogwarts Legacy
  • Sons Of The Forest
  • The Settlers: New Allies
  • Warlander

Other Fixes:

With every update comes fixes to various smaller issues and this one is no different:

  • [Steam version] Forza Horizon 4 may freeze after 15-30 minutes of gameplay.
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 occasional stability issues.
  • Enable Dead Space Resizable Bar profile.
  • Adobe After Effects / Media Encoder – issues with ProRes RAW files.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro application instability.

These new drivers are available to download now and you can download the new GeForce Game Ready 531.18 WHQL driver through GeForce Experience and can read the full release notes here.

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