Nvidia 4080 Founders Edition Gets Reimagined With a New White Aesthetic!

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While Nvidia has certainly applied tweaks and changes to the overall design of its Founders Edition graphics cards, one thing has generally always predominantly stayed the same. Namely, the colour. – Like the often misquote applied to the Ford Model T, you could have an Nvidia Founders Edition in any colour you wanted… As long as it was black!

Following a post by Reddit user ‘u/TeknoMage13‘, however, while they have likely completely invalidated their warranty in the process, they have at least revealed what a physical white Nvidia 4080 FE looks like. And overall, I think it looks pretty awesome!

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Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 – White Edition?

So, just to get one potential question out of the way, what you are seeing here is not a render. Nope, no Photoshop here (albeit, this would’ve undoubtedly been cheaper had this merely been done for the lulz). This Reddit user has disassembled their 4080 graphics card and has repainted it (sprayed it) with a new white aesthetic. In describing the process, ‘u/TeknoMage13‘ has said:

“I haven’t built the entire PC yet as I’m waiting for the 7800X3D and NZXT N7 B650E motherboard. I used a spray can of Valspar extreme adhesion white primer, but I would use an airbrush next time. I followed Nvidia’s 4090 disassembly guide but left the PCB on the heat sink because I didn’t want to replace the pads and thermal compound. I used an iFixit toolkit for my tools.”

Overall, I think this 4080 actually looks pretty cool and, in truth, it might even give Nvidia some ideas (presuming it comes to their attention) that actually offering some choice of colour in their Founders Edition graphics cards might not be a terrible idea after all!

What do you think though? Love it or hate it? – Let us know in the comments!

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