Netflix Expected to Shortly Confirm One of its Worst Quarters Ever!


The recent news surrounding Netflix over the last 6-months has been predominantly bad. Subscribers are leaving, and worse, their brand-new ad-supported tier doesn’t appear to be striking a chord with consumers. Well, not when for just £2 more you can avoid having any adverts at all!

Yep, Netflix has problems, and following a report via Reuters it appears that they may be set to get a lot worse as with their quarterly financial report due out at practically any moment, it’s understood that the streaming platform is likely set to confirm its worst profits since, well… Possibly forever!


Netflix Expected to Confirm One of Their Worst Quarters Ever!

Taking all the recent news into consideration, speculation that Netflix might be set to confirm a pretty terrible Q4 is hardly surprising. – Following this latest information, however, the situation might be notably grimmer than previously anticipated with it suggesting that Netflix’s Christmas subscriber period, usually one of their best throughout the year, might only be half of what it was in 2021! Specifically, it’s said that only 4.5 million members signed up in December 2022 compared to nearly 9 million in 2021.

With all this being said though, don’t get us wrong, Netflix isn’t going to report a loss. The platform is undoubtedly still incredibly profitable. Presuming that their quarterly figures are as bad as suspected though, one major impact will undoubtedly be seen in their original programming throughout 2023 might be set to take a bigger dip than previously feared!

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