MSI Announces Deals For PSUs And SSDs

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Is your PSU not quite cutting it or Running out of storage for the latest games but you don’t quite have the budget to fix it? Well MSI is here to help out with deals across its range of SSDs and PSUs.

Up to 32% off Select MSI PSUs and SSDs

MSI PSUs and SSDs are being discounted across the ranges, with some models being discounted by up to 32%! Check out the product pages below for further details and find your perfect upgrade.

MSI Spatium SSDs:

SPATIUM is designed for high-performance storage needs. Built with high-quality, high-density 3D NAND flash, SPATIUM SSDs offer a balance of performance and durability for professionals, content creators, and gamers.

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  • MSI SPATIUM M371 – 500GB: 29% off at £29.99
  • MSI SPATIUM M371 – 1TB: 32% off at £49.99
  • MSI SPATIUM M480 – 1TB: 24% off at £74.99
  • MSI SPATIUM M480 – 2TB: 28% off at £119.99


The MPG series brings out fashionable products by showing extremely unique styles and expressing a conceited attitude towards the challenge of the gaming world. With extraordinary performance and style, the MPG series defines the future of gaming fashion.

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  • MSI MPG 1000G – £60 Discount at Novatech
  • MSI MPG A850G – £40 Discount at Novatech

Be sure to take advantage of these great deals while they’re available.

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