Microsoft’s Activision Deal in Further Doubt as Nvidia & Google Speak Against It!

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As some of you may be aware, following an announcement shortly before Christmas the FTC in America confirmed that they would be investigating Microsoft’s proposed takeover of Activision to see, in blunt terms, whether it would represent any breach of anti-competition laws. – Since then, there have been a few developments. Predominantly Microsoft (rather foolishly) attempting to question the overall constitutional validity of the FTC making a ruling on the decision (which they very quickly retracted). On the whole, though, things had been quiet for the last week.

Following a report via WCCFTech, however, it seems that both Google and Nvidia have issued statements to the FTC which, according to the source, have placed both tech giants firmly against the deal going ahead!

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Google & Nvidia Oppose Microsoft’s Activision Takeover

Although their exact comments have yet to be published, given that both Google and Nvidia have provided testimony to the FTC, it seems pretty clear that, whatever they have said, it is not in support of the deal going ahead. – Why does this make them against it though? Well, presuming that they were supportive of it then this information would’ve undoubtedly been provided by Microsoft!

One can, therefore, only presume that both Google and Nvidia support the argument that Microsoft owning the game publisher would impact overall competition. And this is particularly important as neither Google nor Nvidia, at least as I perceive it, have any particular stake in this. Google doesn’t make games and Nvidia didn’t provide the APU for the PS5, or, incidentally, the Xbox Series X/S either.

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Things Are Looking Bleak – Well, For Those Who Wanted This to Go Ahead!

Overall, as much as I was convinced before that the FTC was unlikely to approve the deal, this does feel like another nail in the coffin. Google and Nvidia are clearly huge names in the tech world and we daresay that the FTC will be paying close attention to what they have said!

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

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