Microsoft Teams could introduce games to liven up meetings

Microsoft Teams could get a surprising new feature that might spice up your boring set of daily meetings — though your supervisor may not like it.

According to The Verge, Microsoft is currently internally testing classic games like Solitaire and Wordament in Teams, for a special use in meetings and hybrid work scenarios.

several microsoft casual games on a list.

The scope of how these games will be integrated into Microsoft Teams is unknown, and Microsoft did not respond to comment on the matter. It is apparent, though, that Xbox titles like Forza are not going to make it over to Teams. Instead, you can expect to see games from the Microsoft Casual Games offering, which includes Microsoft Sudoku, Mahjong by Microsoft, Microsoft Jewel, and others.

There is, however, the chance that Microsoft might not roll this out to everyone. The internal version of Teams that Microsoft employees use is usually very different from the consumer and business versions, having early previews of new features.

In addition to testing games in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft also is playing with the bigger idea that relates to plans for the Metaverse. Falling in with Mesh in Microsoft Teams, and 3D avatars, Microsoft apparently wants to create a virtual space for meetings. This space will be for socializing, as well as networking and playing games, according to The Verge.

This would not be new ground for Microsoft. Along with dealing other Xbox and gaming-related features in Windows 11, the company previously said that it would be bringing a Game menu to the Edge web browser. This hub has similar functionality to what games in Teams sounds like. It has quick links in the sidebar to free popular games like Atari Asteroids, and Microsoft Edge’s exclusive Surf game.

Teams has been very important for Microsoft since the pandemic. Microsoft has been working to complete the service and help it compete with Zoom and other communications platforms. Teams previously got features like Together Mode which helps make your meetings more interactive.

Heading into the future, Microsoft is also working to improve meetings further with a Live Share feature. Announced at the Build 2022 developer conference, this helps you interact with shared apps in a Teams meeting window, with the ability to zoom in and out on models,

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